Till Kreutzer is a lawyer (attorney-at-law), legal scholar, and journalist. He is cofounder and editor of, a non-profit information portal on copyright in the digital world for consumers and creators, awarded the Grimme Online Award 2006, among others. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of iRights.Lab, an independent think tank on strategies for the digital world, and the law firm iRights.Law. He is a research fellow at the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research at the Universität Hamburg/Germany, and a member of the Institute for Legal Questions on Free and Open Source Software (ifrOSS). Till Kreutzer is an ad personam (personal) member of the German Commission for UNESCO. He teaches copyright law, trademark law, privacy law, and personal rights at various institutions, among others at the Akademie für Publizistik, Hamburg/Germany, the Evangelische Journalistenschule, Berlin/Germany, and at Freie Universität Berlin. On several occasions, he participated as an invited expert of the German Bundestag on the topic of copyright reform in the information society and at hearings in the European Parliament. He frequently publishes articles concerning intellectual property online and in academic journals, magazines, and newspapers. In his PhD thesis, published in 2008, he examined the concepts, general ideas, and current issues in copyright law and designed a new model of copyright regulation.